The Aura

The Human Aura is the energy field that surrounds the human body.  It is in the shape of an oval, completely surrounding the body.  It is also a part of every cell of the body, so you could consider it simply an extension of the body rather than something that surrounds it.  The word AURA comes from the Greek word AVRA which means breeze.  The energies flowing through our auras reflect our personalities, lifestyles, thoughts and emotions.

Auras reveal our mental, physical and spiritual well-being.  Even scientists agree that we all have a physical aura.  Infrared energy is radiated from our bodies, electrostatic and ion fields surround us.  Our bodies emit electromagnetic and low frequency radiation that is measurable by scientific instruments. 

There are different layers to the aura representing different aspects of life, thoughts and emotions.These intermix.  The average size of the aura is 8 - 10 feet surrounding the body in an oval egg shape.  Auras of ancient masters and highly spiritual people can be much larger.  The healthier you are physically and spiritually, the larger your aura.

The colors and intensity of the aura vary throughout the day.  Usually one or two colors will be more consistent, reflecting patterns in your life.


Some Characteristics of the Aura:



YOUR AURA WILL INTERACT WITH THE AURIC FIELDS OF OTHERS.  Every time you come in contact with another person, an energy exchange can occur. 

THE HUMAN ENERGY FIELD CAN INTERACT WITH ANIMAL, PLANT, MINERAL AND OTHER ENERGY FIELDS.  You can use these fields to strengthen your own auric field.

THE LONGER AND MORE INTIMATE THE CONTACT, THE GREATER THE ENERGY EXCHANGE.  Your aura can leave an imprint on things you interact with.


About Chakras


Chakras are energy centers in the body.  The AuraCloud and Aura Video Station image the 7 major chakras in the body.  These energy centers are connected to our endocrine system, emotional system, physical organs and overall state of consciousness.  The chakras will reflect balance, stress change or upheaval in your life.  The more clear colored, even round and defined the individual chakras are, the more balanced and harmonious the person is.  Each chakra vibrates at its own color beginning with red at the base of the spine, the root chakra, progressing to orange in the sacral chakra, to yellow in the solar plexus chakra, to green in the heart chakra, to blue in the throat chakra, to indigo in the third eye chakra and ending with violet in the crown chakra at the top of the head.




ROOT  - Physical plane and material reality.  Core beliefs, home, work, money.

SACRAL - Creativity, emotions.

SOLAR PLEXUS - Ego, personal power, sense of self.

HEART - Self-love, relationships.

THROAT - Communication, personal expression.

THIRD EYE - Intuition.

CROWN - Connection with higher planes of consciousness and spiritual truth.


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