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Mary Versosky is an Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner®, a certified Medium, an Aura Video Station Consultant, a Certified Hypnotherapist, ABH. She is a Dedicated Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy practitioner, having studied QHHT in Arkansas with Dolores Cannon, who developed this amazing healing technique.


Mary's mission is to help people bring greater joy and understanding to their lives using various tools like Aura Photos, Angel Readings, QHHT and Hypnotherapy. Aura and chakra photos are available for your favorite dog or cat, giving you amazing insight into your pet's personality. 



THE AMAZING AuraCloud. See your aura and chakras in 3D.  This is the next step in the analysis of the human energy field. Call me and be one of the first to see your aura and chakras in 3D. Mary was the first person in the world to use this wonderful tool and worked with the developers to perfect it. 

Mary is available for special events, corporate events, fairs, parties and private readings in person, by phone or by email. QHHT and hypnosis sessions are available only in person.          


Mary Versosky has been a guest on many radio shows doing Angel Readings and is an internationally known psychic.

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